Treasure Inc

Corporate Profile Treasure Inc.

Corporate Philosophy

We dedicate ourselves, as a company involved with human life, contribute to healthy and full lives for people "think as treasure" around the world through products and services that are highly appraised internationally."
Based on this corporate philosophy, we strive to serve society as a good corporate citizen and always creating and offering healthcare-related products for better human life, it must conduct its business from the consumer's perspective, and with a long-term view.

Corporate Mission

We dedicate ourselves to enriching people's lives. We contributes to healthier,more prosperous lives for people around the world by exploring the frontiers of human health and disease. In pursuit of this goal, we are actively conducting business operations on a global scale in the field of health care and anti-aging, with particular focus on medical care.


Privately owned company established in Sep 2003

Head Office

10F KDX Shin-nihonbashi Bldg,1-1-8 Nihonbashi-honcho Chuo-ku Tokyo.Japan.

Senior Executives

Hitoshi Koguchi, Director
Mitsuo Nishino, Director

Registered Capitol

Yen 20mio

Business Range

Management of Pharmacy/
Sale of medical supplies and medical tools/
Management consultant of hospital, clinic, pharmacy, drugstore/
Agent about the merger of a hospital/

Corporate History

2003.09: Established in Bunkyo-ku(Tokyo)
2005.05: New Pharmacy store "chitosekarasuyama"opende(Stagaya-ku,Tokyo)
2005.11: 2nd Pharmacy store "Kamifukuoka" opened(Fujimino city,Saitama-pref)
2006.10: 3rd Pharmacy store "SaitamaShintoshin" opened(Urawa-ku,Saitama-pref)
2006.12: Head office was relocated to Urawa(Saitama-pref)
2007.01: 4th Pharmacy store "Kitatoda" opened(Toda city,Saitama-pref)
2007.03: 5th Pharmacy store "Kinuta" opened(Setagaya-ku,Tokyo)
2007.09: 6th Pharmacy store "Minato-Mirai" opened(Yokohama City,Kanagawa-pref)
2008.05: 7th Pharmacy store "Nerimakasugachou" opened(Nerima-ku,Tokyo)
2009.11: 8th Pharmacy store "Sagamihara" opened(Sagamihara City,Kanagawa-pref)
2010.05: 9th Pharmacy store "Konan" opened(Yokohama City,Kanagawa-pref)
2011.01: 1st Store "Takara Shop" opened(Shibuya-ku,Tokyo)
2011.03: 10th Pharmacy store "Kitakasai" opened(Edogawa-ku,Tokyo)
2011.04: 11th Pharmacy store "Kitayono" opened(Chuou-ku,Saitama City,Saitama-pref)
2011.11: Head office was relocated to Nihonbashi(Chuo-ku,Tokyo)
2012.11: 12th Pharmacy store "Hanakoganei" opened(Kodaira City,Tokyo)
2012.12: 13th Pharmacy store "Noborito" opened(Kawasaki City,Kanagawa-pref)
2012.12: 14th Pharmacy store "Tuzuki" opened(Yokohama City,Kanagawa-pref)
2013.03: 15th Pharmacy store "Narimasu" opened(Nerima-ku,Tokyo)
2013.04: 16th Pharmacy store "Kitasenjyu" opened(Adachi-ku,Tokyo)
2013.10: 17th Pharmacy store "Sangenjaya" opened(Setagaya-ku,Tokyo)